I walked into a shop in the Northern Quarter and my heart started palpitating, my stomach filled with butterflies and my palms were sweating… I had just lost my ThunderEgg virginity.

“Why haven’t I done this before?!?!”

My eyes were popping out like that of a child in a sweet shop; there were explosions of colour and pattern in every corner, on every shelf, on every rail. Within seconds I had seen outfits for Monday through ’til Sunday; cute jumpers for the rainy days snuggled up reading, over sized Tees for picnics in the park and vintage style dresses for tea and cake. Once I’d finished mentally replenishing my wardrobe, I found so many things that I need that I didn’t know I needed – a giant tea pot planter!? a money box in the shape of a vintage camera?! How have I survived without these?! My word, this place was a scoop of quirky ice cream that I didn’t want to stop licking! Unfortunately I had to, as they were insistent that I couldn’t move in 😦 but I went straight home and checked out their website and blog.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, go loose your ThunderEgg virginity too!!!


Here are a few bits ‘n’ bobs that particularly caught my eye….

Me & Zena 'Women who draw too much' Heart Sharpener Necklace

Me & Zena

Lazy Oaf Let it Roll Crop T-shirt

Lazy Oaf

Alice Takes A Trip Husky Jumper

Alice Takes A Trip

Trollied Dolly Red Nautical Dress with Anchors

Trollied Dolly



And a little something for the crazy cat lady in me…

Don't Let the Cat Out Retro Hanging Sign

Puuuurrrrrfect 🙂






I have been shockingly bad at posting recently, i’ve been a busy bee with interviews, breakups, moving and now internet troubles :s I promise i will be back on it soon when life has settled itself down! Until then i have been looking at faded patterns and so i leave them with you 🙂



Sky.  Mould.




I swear my flatmate wanted to string me up when i started growing mould in the kitchen. I mean, yes it was the kitchen, but in the corner in little tubs.. so i think it’s ok. And it was only for a few weeks. (excuses excuses).

I find mould fascinating. Particularly the fluffy cotton wool type. -if anyone is having a growing mould project the fluffy type does very well from lettuce-

After a lot of patience (from me), tantrums ( my roommate) and messing around in photoshop, this is what i created. Yes, they are quite colourful for mould.. but i think it’s part of their charm.





There hasn’t been much time for designing the past few weeks, but i got to have a little mess around in photoshop today. I love tessellation. I love the word tessellation.  sad but true. as usual my brain is on animals and so i had a play with some horsies..

I am such a child!  


His name is Mufasa and he’s addicted to food. ok, i will admit that this is a very unflattering photo, he looks a lot larger than he is. Maybe this photo will give you an idea of scale..?


yea.. he is large (i am on the small side though) but there is a good reason. Three years ago i moved into a house with a friend and my dog, Sir Rosc. This skinny smelly cat kept turning up and trying to get in the house. I didn’t let him in for the first two weeks, as you may have seen my dog was called SIR rosc and from that you may have gathered he was extremely spoiled. He did not want a smelly cat in the house taking away potential scraps. 


like licking the yogurt pot..Image

His other likes include (but are not limited to) : cheese, olives, bread, pasta, grapes, muffins, crisps, tomatoes, chips etc.

He has also been caught drinking green tea from my mug. Gross. 


Anyway back to the story of a fatcat, 

I came back from a night out at two in the morning, it was snowing and there he was, sat on the windowsill looking sorry for himself. well, what could i do but invite him in and feed him Richmond sausages?! A big thing for a vegetarian. Since that fateful day he seems to have made it his mission to eat me out of house and home. 

After a visit from my at the time landlord, i found out that the couple living  in the house beforehand had decided to just leave him behind when they moved. He lived in the bins for months whilst the house was empty. Horrible, but also fortunate. 

Mufasa -aka moufpot, fatcat, rat, fatratcat, lucy, which is short for lucifer- is a constant source of happiness. I find him doing stuff like this all the time..


yes, he is asleep in a pair of jeans. Adorable. since then we have all moved and i am currently in the process of adopting a stray that i have found who i have called Alan. He just looks like an Alan. 

Anyway, i just want to put it out there that i am officially a crazy cat lady. 





Just got myself on bloglovin, already love how easy it is to follow all my favourite blogs!


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ImageJust little collage of how i spent my day off. Days off for me are usually spent applying for ‘grown up’ degree related jobs. So between job hunting, chores and working 50 ish hours a week in my rubbish ‘hope i won’t be here forever job’ i rarely get to do anything i actually want to. Today however, the sun was shining and my camera was calling.

I have this idea of starting a collection of ‘bad taste’, i want to make beautiful things (like flowers) into ugly print designs. So off i went to do a bit of research and had a little play around in photoshop. I also popped into the Gallery of costume and came across this amazing dress ‘widow’ by Susie MacMurray made of pins.

On my way home i threw my summer diet out of the window and had a whippy icecream.. and then got home and demolished a bar of Cadbury’s ‘marvellous creations’. It’s a slippery slope!

I am after a porcelain print shirt and have been hunting for my perfect one for a while. whilst doing a bit of on-line hunting i found these amazing Vivienne Westwood men’s slippers and super cute porcelain and the tramp watch. Lusting!

I also got a much awaited e-mail telling me the book i ordered is waiting for me 🙂 if you are yet to read a Kresley Cole book.. what are you waiting for?! I also polished off Haruki Murakami’s ‘after the quake’. He is one of my favourite authors, my personal favourite book of his is ‘The wind-up bird chronicle’. 

So all in all i had a much needed day in the sun.. hope everyone enjoys their next day off  much as i did!





I was doing a little bit of ‘hard drive housekeeping’ yesterday and came across these homeless designs which i did in my 2nd year of uni. They were part of a homeless project and the words are a poem i chose written by a homeless man who got moved to a shelter and eventually a new flat. This project involved working with the charity who helped him get back on his feet and creating something for others in his position for their new home. This project was extra important to me as i myself was homeless at 17, i lived in a hostel for 2 years and with the support of good friends and a different organisation i have got myself to a really good place in my life. Every time i look at these images i am reminded of how far i have come since all those years ago.. and how lucky i am!



i like to walk

  when the 

lights goin

 im comin home

i know exactly where


love you dor




I thought it was about time i added installment 2 of my strange ‘furry tail’. I actually prefer part one.. only because my cat, Mufasa, is in it eating mice 😀





It was a landmark occasion yesterday as i sold my first design. Exciting!  I sold this cute little doodle tee and it’s made. my. week.